tar over ssh


tar from remote server:

# ssh HOST tar -cf - FILES > ARCHIVE.tar

tar to remote server:

# tar -cf - FILES | ssh HOST dd of=ARCHIVE.tar

took me a while to figure out that I should use `dd’ -_-;


three comics.


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saji’s little insanity asylum


This gonna be the longest entry on this blog.

I created it, because.. I wanted to try out gnome-blog actually.. and play with WordPress a bit maybe. Well.. I have an applet on gnome-panel to post here, so I guess that I will post here lots of rubbish, non-interesting stuff like bash commands I found neat, some links and so on, and so on..

Oh, I almost forgot — I also created this blog, because I have to learn for an exam.. and I just can’t make myslef to do so.. _ _,